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Creating a Web site is your first step towards entering the Internet world. The next step is attracting visitors to your Web site and more importantly converting them into customers. Presencia Creative Media provides the tools and services to make your Web site a successful sales channel.

Our Internet Marketing services include Natural Search Optimisation, Link Building, Paid Search Campaigns, Social Media Marketing, Visitor Statistics and Advanced Tracking.

Natural Search Engine Optimisation

Natural Search Engine Optimisation in simple terms is having your Web site getting found on the search engines without spending a single cent for the search engine placement and maintaining that position for a long time. Search Engines have two categories of search results: the natural search results that show links based on the content relevancy with the search keywords and the paid search results that show links based on how much the Web site owner will pay for having his/her results appearing at the top for specific search phrases and keywords.

Having your Web site appearing at the top of natural results gives much more credibility than having it appearing at the top of paid results, because the search engine has ranked your Web site’s content and its relevancy with the search keywords very high in order to show it at the top of its natural results.
Presencia Creative Media can offer consultation and optimise the content of your Web site using a number of tried-and-tested techniques, resulting in a search-engine-friendly Web site.

Link Building

Having other Web sites linked to your Web site is similar with having other people voting for you. If a significant number of links point to your Web site, this is seen by the search engines as a good indication that the Internet community considers your Web site, its products, its services and its content valuable and helps you achieve higher search engine rankings in the natural search results. However, not all links are equal. The more authoritative the Web sites linked to your Web site are, the higher the search engine ranking will be. Our aim is to ensure that the Web sites we use for link building are the most authoritative sites relevant to your products and services, thus achieving a high ROI.

Paid Search Campaigns

Search Engine Marketing has revolutionised the way businesses attract new customers. For a fee, search engines allow Web sites to appear on their paid search results. Presencia Creative Media ensures that your search engine marketing budget is well spend and that it achieves high ROI. By using specialised tools we undertake an online research for the business sector relevant to your Web site. The results of our research, combined with our expertise in online marketing, allow us to offer highly-targeted paid advertisements, including location and age targeting. This means that the clicks that you will get on your paid advertisement will come from people who are more likely to be interested in your products and services.

Social Media Marketing

Everyone knows Facebook and Twitter. Social Media Networks have entered our everyday life and have changed the way people communicate and build relationships. Just imagine how much your business brand could benefit if you could create a loyal group of online fans!

Presencia Creative Media can create a targeted Social Media campaign that will help you increase your online brand awareness and customer loyalty, as well as to launch new products and services and to promote events, aiming to drive your sales effort to the next level!

Visitor Statistics and Advanced Tracking

TrackPresence™ is our specialised software which allows you to have access to detailed statistics for the visitors of your Web site. Data is collected and updated in real time, thus giving you an accurate figure of who has visited your Web site.

How can we help?

If you would like to discuss your requirements, please contact us on 7000 30 36. Alternatively you can e-mail us by clicking here.

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Creating a Web site is your first step towards entering the Internet world. The next step is

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